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This is personal training within a small group. Every class is designed with intention for you. Individual guidance, correction and modification are a part of every class, so that each person experiences true success. Classes are held inside our private studio and I am the only trainer/coach that you will ever see. I love getting to know my clients and you will always know what and who you're getting with me. Be a part of something positive as you train along with like-minded participants. It is not about the number on the scale, it’s about training for a life well lived. 


Check out the details below and join our tribe! 

Want to Lose Weight, Lean Up and Feel Better???  

You've come to the right place. Boot Camp at Julia's Body Shop is a progressive program designed to jump start your metabolism, change your body composition and more importantly improve your mental attitude. My goal is to teach you the proper/safe way to eat and exercise. If I have done my job correctly you should not need me after the program is complete. This is a highly effective plan to get the most out of a 2-4 day workout. If you want to make positive changes in your body and mind, this is it. I have designed this program to meet the individual needs of the elite athlete to the completely sedentary. Each person is given their own individual intensity levels to stay within. This will maximize your efforts and provide you with a safe but effective workout. Safety is of the utmost concern and I can modify any exercise to meet your needs. If you are willing, you can do it. 

Weigh In Or Not? :)

This weigh in is optional and may be done early on day one. These measurements are strictly to see your improvements over the 4 week period.  If you are excited to see what your results will be, then let's "Do It". If it is going to make you uncomfortable or "crazy", then let's not. :) If you come to class and make an honest effort at the eating plan, you will most definitely be better. You will not need a scale to tell you that.  

I get positive results 100% of the time. 

At the end of your 4 weeks, we'll do a final weigh in, body fat analysis and body measurements to determine your overall results. You'll be in smaller clothes and don't be surprised when you lose 3-8% Body Fat...WOOOO HOOOO!

Julia's Eating for "ABS" Plan

You will receive a detailed description of my "Eating for ABS" plan. If you would like to drop body fat and lean up, this plan is for you. It's a plan for life, not an instant fix. In my opinion, there is no instant fix. We all have to pay attention to the foods we choose to eat and not to eat. This does not mean that you can never have another treat. I follow the basic principles of this eating plan and I stay lean all year long. And I still have treats! How great is that?

It is possible to feel and look great while having a little fun with your eating. You just have to determine how much fun you can allow yourself. Everyone is working with different genetics and metabolic limits. We have to figure out what yours are. Paying attention to your eating will do that for you. That’s what this program is about...Paying Attention to YOU!

Yes, it will take some time and energy on your part. I find that everything in life worth having usually does. I have written it out in an easy to follow format. Complete with daily meals and grocery list. If you follow this plan, it will work. Healthy eating and proper exercise is the price to pay for being fit. You do not have to be an elite athlete to have a lean sexy body. You can have the body of your dreams. Make the mental commitment to follow this program through. You can do it!

One of the benefits of My Boot Camp Program is having my cell # for those times when you need to be talked down from the Chocolate Moulton Cake or whatever your personal indulgence may be. I’m always available to you and happy to help.

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  • The Birth of Boot Camp

    September 14, 2004 our dearest friend Todd Engstrom was killed in action in Iraq. He was such a wonderful person - a son, husband, father and our best friend. We have a hole in our heart and miss him every single day.

    Todd was a police officer here in Nashville when he met my husband Levi. He began and continued tactical training with Levi for 12 years. In 2001, Todd was hired by the “entity” and set up camp in Kosovo. After four tours with “Team Mike”, Todd was hired by a private firm to manage the security of “Camp Rock” in Falujah, Iraq...

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