Don't have time to make it to the gym?

Workout with me "Online"

Join me for 4 Weeks all about you. You’ll get a variety of workouts from 4 minute Tabatas, 30 minute “HIIT” Workouts, Time Challenges, Pyramids, German Volume, Functional and Muscle Specific Boot Camp workouts. These are the same workouts that I do in my 4 week boot camp program. Do these with me each day or download and save for your convenience.

Go at your own pace, what ever that is and modify where needed. Pick and choose what works for you and enjoy the process.

These videos will be posted on a secret facebook page, we must be friends to access. You'll get 16 different workouts to spread out over the 4 week period. I suggest doing the boot camp workouts 4 days per week combined with 2-3 Fat Burning Cardios on your days off. For your Fat Burns, I suggest a 30-45 minute brisk walk, jog, bike or hike. You pick what works best for you and enjoy the relaxed change of pace. You and your body will love it!

When you sign up you'll receive my Eating for Abs Plan, my favorite 3 Day Detox/Cleanse and some helpful Cleanse Tips. If you really want to look and feel better, you must do your homework in the Kitchen. We all know that you cannot out exercise poor eating habits. The cleaner you eat, the leaner you will be. Decide what you want for yourself and adjust your eating accordingly. I will also be available for advice anytime you need it, just ask.

Here's a list of things you'll need:

  • Yoga Mat 
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistive Tube aka Happy Tube 
  • Resistvie Flat Band/Loop or Theraband
  • Dixie Cup and Small Paper Plate - it will all make sense :)
  • Med Ball - optional 
  • Jump Rope - optional 
  • Stability Ball - optional

Looking for Boot Camp Dates and Times?