Results from Boot Camp Veterans

Below are just a few of the inspiring messages I've received from people whose lives were changed by participating in Boot Camp.

"I have tired everything from quick fix pills to giving up carbs, giving up fat, only to just plain give up.  I joined boot camp with a friend and I have enjoyed every moment.  Honestly, after meeting you for the evaluation I was a little "scared".  I am in my forties and by the height and weight tables approx 30 lbs over weight - I wondered if I could keep up.  But after the first week I knew I didn't have anything to be scared of.  It's fun, it's exhilarating, it's "crazy"!  A friend of mine came in from out of state this weekend, and after only one week of boot camp (that he didn't know I was attending) he kept telling me over and over again that whatever I was doing was working; he noticed a difference and trust me, he wouldn't just tell me that...the difference had to be there.
Thanks Julia!"
- T.

"Here's my challenge to anyone wishing they could get back into shape or at least head in that direction: Julia's 'FABOO' Boot CAMP. At 47 years old, I was overweight, out of shape with bad joints, burned out metabolism from up/down dieting over the years & thought I was out of time. If I can do this, anyone can do this. This is the best program that I was blessed enough to hear about from a client. Great guidance, good shopping list, eat more food than you think is possible & watch your metabolism get fired up.
Julia is a true professional that sends out weekly "way to go" emails to keep you pumped up, and is available whenever you need her. I was able to move at my own pace, with a great group of people all wanting to hit individual goals & see results. And boy did I!

While eating more good food than I have in years, this 4x/week work out regiment was the answer to my prayers. I lost over 12 lbs, and over 10% body fat! This is huge at my age & never thought it would be so easy. But when the music starts rockin, my body just starts going. I suggest this for anyone that just needs to kick-start their metabolism, or start a full-blown training program~you see results in weeks, not months. Thanks Julia."
 - JR Justice

"I've been in some sort of health and fitness routine all my life, so I don't really consider myself a novice. I thought it would be challenging to have beginners work beside those who aren't beginners, making sure all get good results. But Julia's program handles that challenge, and I'm so happy with my improved fitness stamina after such a short time."
-C. Felder

"Thanks Julia for the ass kickin’ every morning.  What an awesome way to start the day.  As my son asked on Saturday morning, "doesn't that lady ever give you a break".  No dear she doesn't.  I am down 10 inches and 2 pant sizes in 5 weeks."
-D. Ramieh

"Julia practically saved my life with boot camp. The one month program turned my life around when I was needing it most, I was able to get through a tough spot in my life and have the mental strength and stamina that came with the physical strength training that was boot camp. It was vigorous and hard to do yet always positive. You guide us with a positive attitude and support that can't be beat. Thanks Julia!"
-A. Blackman

"Julia at the Body Shop changed my life -- I sleep better, eat better and feel better than I have in years.  The program is inspirational and supportive without being intimidating and, best of all, it works!"
-J. Bell
The Biggest Loser, November 2007
Total weight lost 31 lbs

"Hey I got my body back!  I am so happy that my body looks better but I am even happier   about how it feels and how if functions!  Bootcamp got me moving FAST again, 5 years after I had quit running and 10 years after running had been fun!   I am thrilled to be out there jumping over hurdles and racing around cones...and keeping up with the 20 somethings!  Good bye hangy down arms, good bye hangy down legs, hello sleeveless shirts and short skirts!  I'm a "lifer!"
-A. Kaiser

"I kept hearing about how great Boot Camp is from all my friends, and I finally made myself go. But once I started, I quickly found that Julia keeps you motivated and helps you find the right pace for you. It's not as hard as I feared....but it is working!"
- L. Creekmore

 "I am nineteen years old, and a "life time" boot camper of a year and a half. I am also proud to be the first and only "official" boot camper to throw up during class! At the time, it wasn't too funny and was quite embarrassing. Now, I want anyone who is interested in changing their life through exercise and diet to laugh with me! Julia's boot camps have completely changed my life! No matter your age you can make the change happen; there is no better time than now. I was one of the youngest boot campers and couldn't handle it, while the forty year olds were running circles around me, literally! We all have to start somewhere. It truly is amazing the things you can accomplish in four weeks, both physically and mentally. Julia, along with the other members of the class gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going, make the commitment, and change my life. The people I have met through boot camp have been some of my biggest supporters. After you sweat
your butts off together everyday, you become one big team. I want to encourage anyone even considering making the commitment to exercise and diet, to give it a try. If the nineteen year old can do it, then you can too!"
- H. O'Hanlon

When I was sitting at home weighing 175 pounds...unhappy at energy to make it through a day...avoiding the mirror...buying bigger size clothes...watching all those stupid healthy people running the streets...eating crap...smoking a pack a day...drinking whenever I wanted...unable to enjoy relations with my partner because I was too uncomfortable with who I had become to even begin to enjoy the experience...believing that $400.00 was to much to invest in some stupid work out...I too, was "average".   

Thank God, you, and myself...I AM NO LONGER AVERAGE!!!!!                             

- C. Jones     

I have know Julia Ledbetter for forty years. She is the best in the fitness business! Her coaching and teaching are inspirational! Her character and heart is even better!

 - L. Dillon