The Birth of Boot Camp

September 14, 2004 our dearest friend Todd Engstrom was killed in action in Iraq.  He was such a wonderful person - a son, husband, father and our best friend.  We have a hole in our heart and miss him every single day.

Todd was a police officer here in Nashville when he met my husband Levi. He began and continued tactical training with Levi for 12 years.  In 2001, Todd was hired by the “entity” and set up camp in Kosovo. After four tours with “Team Mike”, Todd was hired by a private firm to manage the security of “Camp Rock” in Falujah, Iraq. There he established, trained and lead a spec ops group working high risk missions within the Sunni triangle. Tragically, two weeks before his scheduled return to the states, Todd and team were attacked while performing a mission. The attack left Todd dead and three others injured. After Todd’s death, the “Company” contracted Levi to fill the void and take over Todd’s training responsibilities for this special operations team…

This was the birth of My Boot Camp program.  I knew Levi, at the age of 50, would need to be in the absolute best shape of his life.  We both knew that his life would depend on it.  With this in mind I designed a program that did just that.  A combination of high intensity interval training coupled with high intensity strength and agility drills.  All of this performed with helmet, boots and a 20lb. Flack jacket.  His exercise heart rate and recovery rates were recorded on every single drill, for every single workout from October through December 2004.  In addition to this 4-day workout with me, he did 3 days of fat burning cardio on his own for one hour, a total of 7 training days per week.  He also endured endless hours of tactical weapons training everyday.  Levi was in the best shape, mentally and physically, of his life.  Mission Accomplished!!! He was ready to go.

During this training period, several of our personal friends joined the workout.  They also got fabulous results and felt better than ever.  One of our good friends, Roy DePue, got such great results, he suggested that I might redesign the program and offer it to the general public.  I took his advice, redesigned the program and began offering it to the public in the summer of 2005.  I stayed with the same basic principals used for Levi’s program plus a sensible eating plan for life.  The results are a program that takes the average person and turns them into a leaner, stronger, more functional and most of all more confident person. I am so proud of my boot campers.

Again…. Mission Accomplished.

I am not a drill sergeant; I’m a fitness professional.  I have been a successful competitive athlete all of my adult life and most of my youth.  I have trained successful athletes, 5-year-old children and 65-year-old grandmothers.  This is my passion.  I truly love what I do. I have been fortunate in my career to have trained with wonderfully gifted teachers “of life”.  My hope is that I may pass on a fraction of what I have learned from them.  What I have to offer is the same energy, enthusiasm and attention that I would want for myself.  My heart and mind are always open for learning.   I have a lifetime of knowledge and experience to share with you.  If you are willing to be better, I’m willing to help.  And I’ll bet we’ll both learn something in the process.

I look forward to seeing you on the boot camp field soon.  Eat well and stay mobile!