What Is My Resting Heart Rate?

Resting Heart Rate

Your resting heart rate is taken first thing in the morning, before your feet touch the ground. When your alarm goes off, find your pulse, either at your neck or wrist, and count your pulse for one full minute. Make a note of that number. Do this for 2 more days. When you have 3 resting heart rate numbers, text to615-828-5385 or email to juliasbodyshop@gmail.com

Your resting heart rate is crucial in determining your exercise heart rate zones. I need this information no later than the Saturday before boot camp begins. I will email your exercise numbers for class and your fat burning numbers for outside of class cardio.

Class Cardio - Heart Rate Numbers

You’ll have 3 sets of exercise heart numbers for class. The high number is for your High Intensity Interval Training or “HIIT” cardio. The middle numbers or “fat burning zone” is for your active recovery sets or toning/strength training. The low number is your recovery heart rate. Anytime we break between sets, your goal is to focus on your breathing and get your heart rate as close to your recovery as possible.

Fat Burning Cardio - Heart Rate Numbers

I suggest doing 2-3 days of “fat burning” cardio sessions per, week on your own. This should be done on your days off from class. For your Fat Burns, gradually get your heart rate into the zone and do your best to stay within the zone for 30-45 minutes. This should put you at an easy pace, brisk walk to a light jog. If you feel like you’re working too hard to stay within the zone, let me know asap and we’ll adjust your numbers.